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  • Changelog:
    • 2022 Mar 25
      • Some fix here and there, Favic-O-Matic is always here to help you in boring favicon creations without complex operations.
    • 2020 Aug 15
      • It's hot out there! Time to remove all old flash content from Favic-O-Matic, now you can correctly copy to clipboard results of conversion.
    • 2020 Mar 17
      • As the world is quarantined due to CoViD-19 Favic-O-team just found time for old tiny fixes.
    • 2019 Sep 09
      • Favic-O-Matic should now be full ssl compliant (never too late!)
      • Minor bug fixes and UI changes (thanks for your and donations!)
    • 2018 Sep 10
      • Overall code optimization, Favic-O-Matic is now the fastest favicon generator of all the internet!
    • 2017 Feb 22
      • invisible, not critical, heavy random Bug fix (thanks to the boss)
    • 2016 Jun 06
      • Finally resolved last damn problem with incorrect image type verification... Hopefully!
    • 2016 May 29
      • English translation fix (thanks Karen Kolberg, Charles B. Fannin, Rendall Koski)
    • 2015 Jul 10
      • Bug fix (thanks @skylerkatz)
    • 2014 Apr 10
    • 2014 Feb 13
      • NEW! Analyze your website with Favic-o-meter to check how lazy you've been...
      • Responsive layout for small screen devices
      • Better font antialiasing on Chrome (Windows)
      • Minor bug fixes and UI changes (thanks for your and donations!)
    • 2014 Jan 27
      • Changed sizes for Win 8.1 Metro tiles: now they are larger (as recommended by Microsoft) to cover a wider range of devices
    • 2014 Jan 20
      • Now Favic-o-matic supports Win 8.1 tiles too:
        • 70×70 px (Win 8.1 Metro tile image (small))
        • 150x150 px (Win 8.1 Metro tile image (square))
        • 310x150 px (Win 8.1 Metro tile image (wide))
        • 310x310 px (Win 8.1 Metro tile image (large))
        • Added Metro Tile title (automagic retrieval from given website URL)
        • Added Metro Tile RSS feed URL
      • Added "Save to Google Drive" feature
      • Minor bug fixes (thanks for your !)
    • 2014 Jan 15
      • Our Twitter account is up! No spam, we promise, just updates and news on favicon world. We encourage you to give us feedback through this channel!
    • 2014 Jan 14
      • Added size: 128×128 px (Chrome Web Store app icon)
    • 2014 Jan 13
      • Added feedback while waiting for upload to finish
      • Fixed a bug related to download of the .zip file (only Safari - Mac)
      • Minor bug fixes (thanks for your !)
    • 2014 Jan 10
      • Added Favic-o-matic app in Chrome Web Store (download here)
      • Fixed a bug on Donate button
    • 2014 Jan 4
      • Out of beta, let's roll! Favic-o-matic is officially born
      • The first release covers the following sizes:
        • 16×16 px (The interweb standard for (almost) every browser)
        • 24×24 px (IE9 Pinned site browser UI)
        • 32×32 px (New tab page in IE, taskbar button in Win 7+, Safari Reading List sidebar)
        • 64×64 px (Windows site icon, Safari Reading List sidebar in HiDPI/Retina)
        • 48×48 px (Windows site icons)
        • 57×57 px (Standard iOS home screen (iPod Touch, iPhone first generation to 3G))
        • 60×60 px (iPhone touch icon (non-retina – iOS7))
        • 72×72 px (iPad touch icon (non-retina – iOS6 or prior))
        • 76×76 px (iPad touch icon (non-retina – iOS7))
        • 96×96 px (GoogleTV icon)
        • 114×114 px (iPhone retina touch icon (iOS6 or prior))
        • 120×120 px (iPhone retina touch icon (iOS7))
        • 144x144px (IE10 Metro tile for pinned site & iPad retina (iOS6 or prior))
        • 152×152 px (iPad retina touch icon (iOS7))
        • 196×196 px (Android Chrome (M31+))
    What's this site about?
    Favic-o-Matic generates favicons, both .ico & .png (even transparent ones!), and the HTML code needed to make your website look awesome on every browser and every device.
    Give it a try now, it's free!

    Don't know what a favicon is?
    Need some help to put the favicon in your site?
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    Maria Beatrice Alonzi The Italian digital artist
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