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    Lazy preset for lazy people
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    Obsessive preset for obsessive people
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    • 16x16 + 32x32 px (multiple .ico + .png)
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    Apocalypse now
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    • oh, well...
    • all of 'em!
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    This may cause some problem with paths, beware!
    Why absolute paths?
    Some Firefox versions require absolute paths. Since all browsers support them, it's the simplest choice. You can use arbitrary code as well.
    eg: <?php echo $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']; ?>
    Background color for IE 10 Metro tile icon (Metro equivalent of apple-touch-icon)
    Metro tile title (can be blank if you want)
    Metro tile RSS feed (can be blank if you want)
    The interweb standard for (almost) every browser
    IE9 Pinned site browser UI
    New tab page in IE, taskbar button in Win 7+, Safari Reading List sidebar
    Windows site icons
    iPhone touch icon (non-retina - iOS7)
    Windows site icon, Safari Reading List sidebar in HiDPI/Retina
    Standard iOS home screen (iPod Touch, iPhone first generation to 3G)
    Win 8.1 Metro tile image (small)
    iPad touch icon (non-retina - iOS6 or prior)
    iPad touch icon (non-retina - iOS7)
    GoogleTV icon
    iPhone retina touch icon (iOS6 or prior)
    iPhone retina touch icon (iOS7)
    Chrome Web Store app icon & Android icon (lo-res)
    IE10 Metro tile for pinned site & iPad retina (iOS6 or prior)
    Win 8.1 Metro tile image (square)
    iPad retina touch icon (iOS7)
    Android Chrome (M31+)
    Win 8.1 Metro tile image (wide)
    Win 8.1 Metro tile image (large)
    What's this site about?
    Favic-o-Matic generates favicons, both .ico & .png (even transparent ones!), and the HTML code needed to make your website look awesome on every browser and every device.
    Give it a try now, it's free!

    Don't know what a favicon is?
    Need some help to put the favicon in your site?
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    Maria Beatrice Alonzi The Italian digital artist
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